About Innovative Telecomunications

Innovative Telecommunications started off as telecommunications business, but soon realized we need to bridge into the digital transformation space. We are a 100% Black Woman Owned business.

Shariiing involves more for more dynamic meetings.

Presentation and collaboration solutions for workplaces, locally or remotely. Shariiing offers presenters the opportunity to display up to four monitors with one click and give control. Thereby allowing your team and your clients to enjoy an immersive and collaborative meeting experience.

``Our visitors are immediately captivated by our presentations with Shariiing. Even our traditional slides look more beautiful!``

Adeline Comandini,

Manager at EY wavespace™ Paris


Shariiing makes more impactful presentations.

“At EY, in our innovation center wavespace™ Paris, we use Shariiing to showcase our expertise in our presentations to our customers or prospects.

With Shariiing, our presentations are smoother, simpler, better organized and scripted. On a single tactile space, Shariiing allows us to display different content to different types: image, video, PDF, web, …

After the “wow” effect Shariiing allows our visitors to have a global vision of the subjects that we will discuss. Shariiing facilitates understanding of the information. Our visitors are projected more easily into complex subjects presented to them. Shariiing is a practical, intuitive and playful solution. It perfectly fits our presentation needs both high-end and attractive.”

``With Shariiing, we demonstrate how to reduce design errors, to better train the teams and to optimize production.``

David Hybre

Architect and leader Hybre Architect


“At the agency, we use Shariiing every day. We organize more efficient meetings with design offices and suppliers. But above all, we have re-enchanted customer presentations.

Shariiing represents a real value for our business. Before Shariiing, we prepared our meetings beforehand and were printing the entire project materials. Today, we are much more agile and comprehensive. We display simultaneously the different drawings, interior views and videos made with our own software. The customer thus immediately grasps a comprehensive and accurate view of his future house.

Since we introduced Shariiing, our customers appreciate more easily their project. Our conversion rate soared: the projects presented are immediately converted.”

``Since the adoption of Shariiing, our conversion rate soared: the projects presented are immediately converted!``

Richard Frederick

Communications Director, French Federation of Body


“As a federation, our role is to support and educate our members to digital transformation. Under the leadership of our President, Patrick Cholton, the FFC demonstrates how to improve productivity and profitability. That’s why we integrated into our headquarters both a collaborative touch table and a Shariiing welcome screen.


The objective is clear: to show our members that it exists modern, efficient and affordable means to reduce design errors, to better train the teams and to optimize production.

People meet around our touch table equipped with Shariiing to review projects. All the stakeholders are effectively involved in the design of the industrial vehicle. Thus, we demonstrate how we save time, limit errors, ease information sharing, and rely on Shariiing and its interactivity to provide a tool for collaboration and decision making.”

Use Cases by industry
Industry: Transportation & Production

You consolidate all the data of a global project. You limit the mistakes and improve your decision making.

Industry: Industry & Engineering

You present clearly a complex project and make your multidisciplinary teams collaborate all over the world.

Industry: Architecture & Real Estate

You display all the information simultaneously and facilitate the understanding of your customer. Stakeholders are more involved.

Industry: Business and services

You captivate your visitors with more impactful presentations. You showcase your expertise by offering a unique customer experience.

Industry: Security & supervision

You create, update, and share the “common operational picture”. You display the information in context and make the right decisions.

Industry: Training and education

You facilitate the appropriation of information and its understanding. You promote co-construction and improve the learners’ experience.