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Innovative Telecommunications started off as telecommunications business, but soon realized we need to bridge into the digital transformation space. We are a 100% Black Woman Owned business.
Thusong Technologies | ShareAR
The Share AR is a table which converts from a normal boardroom table into an interactive table. Share-AR can be used for numerous applications for increased productivity in the office environment.

Create. Collaborate. Share

Innovative Telecommunications has developed a device which uses Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for optimizing productivity and in corporate, leaning and development. The device is called the Share AR and it’s a boardroom table which can convert into an interactive table for immersive experience.

The product is uniquely designed to easily interact with users to optimize their productivity and can also be used for in-house and remote collaborations.

The product can be used by the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Mining
  • Boardroom
  • Engineering
  • Health
  • Telecommunications
  • Construction

The device features wireless connectivity support via WIFI and Bluetooth.

4k HD display

Touch enabled, 55” 4k display. Refreshing @ 60Hz.

Multiple operating systems

Android and Windows operating systems pre-loaded.

Stand-alone power

The Share AR table comes equiped with an uninterrupted power supply.

Choose The Best Deal For The Best Experience.

The Share AR is a product used for presentations and immersive productivity using Mixed Realities and we are proud to include Motion gloves and VR glasses/Halolenses when purchasing the Share AR Advanced Model.

  • Base Model
    • R 181 346.52 once off
      • Remote presentations
      • Video calling
      • Screen sharing
      • 1 year guaranty

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Best choice
  • Essential Model
    • R 190 908.95 once off
      • Remote presentations
      • Video calling
      • 3D designing using Modelling softwares
      • Screen sharing
      • 1year guaranty

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  • Advanced Model
    • R 418 881.38 once off
      • 3D designing in Mixed Realities
      • Remote presentations
      • Video calling
      • Screen sharing
      • Remote assistance
      • 1 year guaranty

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Share-AR Specifications

Refresh Rate


Display Area

1209.6 (H)* 680.4 (V) mm

Colour Depth


Aspect Ratio

16:9 Aspect Ratio

Contrast Ratio


Display Size

55” display size

Response Time

8.5ms Response Time