About Innovative Telecomunications

Innovative Telecommunications started off as telecommunications business, but soon realized we need to bridge into the digital transformation space. We are a 100% Black Woman Owned business.

Products & Services

SHARE AR | Interactive tables

The Share AR is a table which converts from a normal boardroom table into an interactive table. ShareAR can be used for numerous applications for increased productivity in the office environment.

The product consists of electrical actuators which enable the screen to elevate and rotate, to provide that unique working experience. It can also be used for screen sharing and augmented reality in product designing.

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Geoscan is the most effective technology for surveying medium-sized sites and facilities, when manned aircraft is not cost-effective and ground-based measurements are expensive.

The technology of aeromagnetic survey with relief bending with the use of a unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) equipped with a highly sensitive quantum magnetometer (Rb) and a GNSS receiver allows obtaining qualitative and reliable initial data in continuous mode for interpretation based on modern methods.

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Economic performance is dictated by the safe and reliable productivity of your operating assets and the availability of budget impact of maintenance. This means that a range of interdependent decisions have to be made regarding the technical engineering risks and their appropriate mitigation. These decisions must be generated, and configuration managed by a constantly evolving workforce, across a typical product lifecycle.

Rapid Asset Management Solutions (RAMS) today require significant resources, scheduling and costs to generate analysis and does not achieve the necessary design optimisation. A model-based RAMS provides concurrent, automated analysis enabling input from all related groups to support design optimsation.

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CISCO | Cyber Security

Plug and play solutions that combines the best from Cisco’s world in collaboration and security to reassure your customers they can continue with their daily tasks without compromising on security and efficiency.

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SHARIING | Collaborative tools

Innovative Telecommunications has partnered with Immersion to bring you leading collaborative solutions. Helping you present and enrich all your data together, locally or remotely.

The software suite leading your teams to share for better decisions.

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